Choose wood, choose Amici Atos!

Since 1902 we have just one focus: the wood

The Amici Atos carpentry was opened at the beginning of the last century making objects and wood tools typical of the rural culture.
The production then assumed a complete corporate dimension in the 50's with the specialization in the "doors and windows" sector before and afterwards in the design and construction of interior furniture.
The passion for wood is handed down from father to son and, at the turn of the 70's, the horizons of production has been expanded: the company quickly conquered the role of leader in furniture production for the nautical sector, collaborating with the most important Italian shipyards.

Today, thanks to the passion and the long experience gained combined to the arrival of the fourth generation that has brought important technological evolutions, Amici Atos is able to supply quality craftsmanship products at the costs and speed of the typical industrial production.

The solutions proposed by the company are in fact able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, taking inspiration from the unique classic Made in Italy taste, preserving the handcrafted finishes of a bygone era but projecting itself dynamically into the future with cutting-edge technologies.

Choose wood, choose Amici Atos.

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Contact us for a free quote
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