All our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them

- Walt Disney

Wooden jointed displays

Our wooden interlocked displays are not just simple wooden shelves to store your products, but real shop fittings.
This is because we put in the passion for wood, which has been handed down from father to son for four generations, and that leads us to select the best high quality birch plywood panels.
We study them with the technological expertise of those who look to the future, using the lastest numerical control machinery and designing the interlocking system that speeds up assembly times and reduces transport costs.
We build them respecting the environment, as even customizations are made only with the use of materials such as water-based natural and ecological colors.
We achieve them by pursuing the objective of excellence, guaranteeing a quality design, the utmost attention to detail and the pride of bringing a unique, pure Made in Italy product to the world.

This is why our wooden interlocked displays are the best stage for your products.

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Our wooden displays

Nautical furniture

Amici Atos is the ideal partner for shipyards that have placed the quality of their boats at the top of their corporate values.
The shipyard that chooses to entrust us with the installation of exteriors, interiors or even only accessories, knows that it can count on a reality of proven experience in which the most ancient know-how merge with technology and modern production speed.

The charm and the tradition of high carpentry find their evolution thanks to the use of numerical control machinery and other sophisticated electronic instruments. This is why we have the pride of being able to boast the attention to detail that is typical of manual work and at the same time the production capacity of the most typical industrial reality.

What we've done

Custom furniture

We make, on request, the production of custom furniture and furnishing accessories, guaranteeing a product with a unique quality.
In fact, we take care of every creation in the smallest details, from the choice of the finest woods to the selection of accessories, giving life to furniture and valuable accessories, prefects to make your rooms welcoming and exclusive.

Some examples

CNC works also for third parties

The high level of technology present in the company and the deep-rooted competence over time make Amici Atos the perfect partner for third-party production and for the creation of prototypes or customized projects.

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Our staff is at your complete service to evaluate all the different needs and study, in a completely free way, the best solution for you.

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